Get Ready for Summer

Take Time to Reduce Overwhelm

The unstructured hours of summer can bring forth both excitement and apprehension in any home. I really dont think it matters what type of schooling you do during the year. Everyone needs a break from the regular routine and so summer comes with this overwhelming sense of freedom. It sounds great but then the second week rolls around and the absence of structure has you all frazzled. So, what is a mother to do?

See the Summer as a Great Opportunity

I think we all truly look forward to summer. It is just a fun time with pools, vacations, lazy hot days outside, late nights with activities, etc. The summer provides us with the opportunity to create such fun memories that will be etched into the minds and hearts of our children forever. 

It is also an opportunity to teach or model some things for your children that maybe you don’t focus on throughout the school year. Take a moment to take stock of where your family is. What are some areas of growth or just areas that need more clarity? For us this summer I am going to focus on encouragement. This is a big topic and I’ll post more on how I am going to spend a whole summer on this. 

I want my children (and me) to grow in the Word of Truth and the ministry of encouragement. One of our purposes on earth is to help each other–to spur each other on. I want to learn with my children how we can better serve others in this way. 

Next, Make a Plan….

My plan will be six weeks long because of vacation and one week of room for error. I love making a plan, but I also know myself well. If I make a super detailed plan I will not follow it, get discouraged at my “failure” and then not do anything. So, my plans now are more of guard rails or boundaries to keep me inline-so I don’t get distracted and veer off road. 

Don’t Forget to Keep Working on your Mindset as a Mother

One of the most important things that you have to remember is that you were designed by a Creator. Yes, you are fallen–we all are. Yes, our children are also sinful. There are days that will be very hard. But, above it all, know that you are the person for the job. You have these children and they have you. Rest and have such joy and freedom in the fact that God designed all of this–who you are around, where you are, etc. You only get one life and it is so important to have the confidence in God’s design, which includes you in a very purposeful way.

Make a Way to Remember

With an autoimmune disease, at times my brain is just not what it used to be. I just can’t remember things like I used to. As my oldest is currently a few short years from 13, I feel like I woke up into a new season. I am no longer just trying to manage toddlers. There is a new level of urgency for me to remember. I know I am in a very sweet spot right now. I don’t want to take one second for granted or lose one memory. So, I need to take some extra steps to remember. Also, here is a post about why it is so important to remember together as a family. 

Take pictures! Do your weekly meeting time and discuss or draw the highlight of your week. Put a card in your gratitude jar. Write it in your family journal. All of these are great ways to remember. Don’t do them all. Try different methods and then implement the one that best fits you. 

Remember: you got this mama!!

If you would like a copy of my summer plan and a template to make your own sign up below.

Always here to cheer you on,


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